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Why is the security camera’s image not clear?

A very common question for people who aren’t experts in security technology is “why is the camera’s image not clear?” In today’s world, we’re inundated with information about our Security Camera’s zoom factors, pixelation, HD vs. SD, etc. Also, we hold a high expectation for the quality of our security technology, and we rely on the camera’s capability to provide us with a clear image of a particular shot.  But a lot of times, we find ourselves scratching our heads as to how we find the right information that can provide us with the proper education about the topic.

So how do we bridge this gap?

Yesterday, Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc., held a Security Technology Refresh event at the Pittsburgh Technology Council.  We learned a lot about the latest security technology.  One of the reoccurring questions during the four hour seminar was about picture quality from a camera, and the differences in today’s security market.  It was an awesome event! We learned a lot about what’s new in the field.

Axis Communications, one of the manufacturers who presented at yesterday’s seminar, faces these concerns directly on their website and other marketing materials.  They even have a lens calculator to help you gain a better understanding of what you need for the clearest image.

Here’s a video to help you better understand.

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