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Web conferencing vs. video conferencing

Is there a difference? Absolutely! Video conferencing and Web conferencing both have their place in a business setting, but they each serve two different purposes.

Here’s what one of our business partners LifeSize has to say about the difference: Webinars and web conferencing are tools that businesses can use to present to a large number of participants at once. However, they lack the interactivity of in-person collaboration. Unfortunately, if you are looking to engage with participants, obtain their feedback or have a lively conversation, current web conferencing platforms fall short. Multipoint video conferencing calls from LifeSize are a far better solution for enabling genuine human interaction.

Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc. has an award winning AV/Multimedia team.  We handle anything from video conferencing to digital signage and conference rooms.  We don’t just integrate those technologies by themselves, we have the capability to integrate each of those technologies together.

DES offers conferencing solutions that range from the mobile employee to entire conference room setups.

Our product line includes LifeSize, Polycom, Tandberg, ClearOne and more. Get more information at

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