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Video: Steps to creating a smarter planet today

We’re focusing on Energy Management this entire week On Technology at Work! On Feb. 20, Dagostino Electronic Services is holding a joint event with Redwood Systems at the Pittsburgh Technology Council.

If you’re interested in seeing a demonstration of LED Lighting Technology and how you could make your building work for you, go to our contact page on our website and give us a call!

Back to today’s great video!

One of our most exciting and progressive-thinking business partners, Alcatel-Lucent, published an awesome video about their company’s dedication to helping create a smarter planet through communication technology.  The video is definitely inspiring.  It makes you think about the possibilities of tomorrow with the comfort of knowing this type of technology is available today.  Therefore, everyone could pitch in!

We will be posting all-things Energy Management this week, highlighting different tactics and innovative technologies available in the market today.

Enjoy this video from Alcatel-Lucent!

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