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Top 5 video management trends for 2013

Video Management Systems Trends for 2013

Predications from Gadi Piran, president, OnSSI

1. Storage at the edge. Memory cards inside IP cameras are increasingly being used to store video at the edge of the network. Edge storage can be used as part of a more decentralized video management approach or even to complement a cloud-based video system. It does not impact network bandwidth issues and ensures local preservation of video evidence independent of network connectivity.

2. Greater use of megapixel. Megapixel cameras are getting less and less expensive, and resolutions are continuing to increase. The economic case is growing, too, with H.264 compression minimizing the impact on network bandwidth. Users are gravitating toward better image quality as an important attribute of IP systems.

3. More license plate recognition (LPR). LPR complements the myriad computer resources that drive today’s police work. Even in the commercial market, LPR can be a nice add-on to a video system, especially one covering a parking garage or lot. Adoption is growing, along with greater capabilities.

4. Virtualization. As IT practices continue to overlap the physical security space, virtual machines (VMs) are slowly starting to emerge as a trend in video surveillance. The approach saves on resources by eliminating the “one server, one application” rule. User advantages include fewer physical servers, a smaller data center footprint and more flexibility to manage and use capacity.

5. Video analytics’ take-off. Video analytic technologies are better than ever and also easier to integrate within a video management system. Declining costs and the increased availability of basic video analytics functionality will drive greater adoption in the near future.

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