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The new network technology

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a fascinating topic creating new dynamics in organizations big and small in almost every facet of our economy.  We don’t want to lose sight of the foundation of any BYOD policy; and that’s Network Technology.


Here’s how Juniper Networks explains why Network Technology is vital in today’s business environment:

Building out the middle mile means engineering a network that meets many requirements — both current and future. The network must deliver the power to accommodate high-performance research, have enough access points to efficiently connect remote populations, and the capacity to provision dark fiber when needed. It also needs to establish a secure platform for third-party managed services. The result is a network services platform that can meet the requirements of local communities that range from educational, health and government connectivity to high-speed research and emergency services. These networks can reduce technology barriers that impede economic development in rural areas and address a region’s competitive disadvantages.

That’s a tremendous payoff — but as always, price and scalability are major pressure points. As a result, these networks are carefully architected with the view towards meeting present needs and accommodating future growth.

Juniper Networks really did a great job with the video we have today.

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