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The benefits of video conferencing

Conference room, video conferencing

The initial perceived, and quantifiable, benefit of video conferencing was reduction in travel costs.

Initially, many organizations paid for deployment of video conferencing by the reduction in travel budgets. While travel savings has been a recognizable benefit of video conferencing, there are many more qualitative benefits of deploying video conferencing including an increase in productivity and efficiency, improvement of management communications and enhanced business opportunities.

Since the commercial introduction of video conferencing in 1982, benefits of the technology have evolved and grown. Applications of the technology have also expanded as users have found new and unique ways to find value with video.

Below are some of the benefits of video conferencing, as told by our business partner Lifesize, followed by a visual look at the evolution of video conferencing.

The Benefits of Video Conferencing

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

  1. Reduce Travel Risk

  2. Reduce Unproductive Travel Time

  3. Prevent Meeting Delays

  4. Shorter Meetings

  5. Structured Meetings

  6. Larger Participation

  7. Optimize Attendance

  8. Immediate Information Exchange

  9. Faster Response

  10. Access to Experts

  11. Time-Share Scarce Talent

  12. Quicker Decisions

Improved Management Communications

  1. MoreInterface at All Levels

  2. Increased Flexibility

Enhanced Business Opportunities

  1. Customer Service

  2. Competitive Advantage

The Evolution of Video Conferencing

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