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Over 60 percent of companies consider BYOD unavoidable by end of 2013

PITTSBURGH — In 2012, BYOD migrated from an acronym, to a buzz term.  At the beginning of 2013, BYOD as a buzz term migrated to common knowledge.

Now we’re seeing the application of BYOD initiatives all over the country.  You see BYOD in school districts, BYOD in non-profits, BYOD in enterprise and BYOD in small and medium businesses.  BYOD is seemingly everywhere.

The unique thing about BYOD initiatives is each initiative is customized to cater to the workflow of the individual in the workplace.  What needs to happen from an IT standpoint to secure any BYOD initiative and to ensure it functions as designed is a strong backbone for the network infrastructure.  That’s where a well-respected, trusted company like Dagostino Electronic Services comes in and helps make your BYOD dreams come true!

More than 44 percent of organizations already allow BYOD and another 18 percent plan to move to BYOD by the end of 2013.

BYOD isn’t new for those who allow it, with 61 percent of companies with policies already in place having those policies for more than a year.

Respondents also revealed their reasons for not adopting a BYOD policy. Security topped the list, but there were other, less obvious, motives. For companies with policies in place, our research uncovered the following:

  1. Brand/Type of device most often issued by the company

  2. Device brand restrictions

  3. Percentage of employees who participate in the program

  4. Type of personal devices used most often for work

  5. Security approaches

  6. Hardware/Service plan costs (i.e. who’s paying)

Whatever position your company takes on BYOD, whether to allow it or not, the information in this report can help you develop a BYOD plan that serves both the organization and employees.

Picked this awesome survey up from ZDNet.

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