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Infographic: Emerging technology in education

Emerging Technologies in Education is obviously an important topic for us at Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc.

A few months ago we had several kids come to our offices for “Take Your Child to Work Day.” Being a technology integrator, we thought it would be pretty cool to get their opinions on what’s next in technology.  So we set up a focus group of student experts.

What started out as just a silly conversation with new ideas for technology in education turned into a fascinating brainstorming session.  We didn’t just cover technology in education either; all 11 of us (me and our HR Director being the only adults at the table) were well on our way to conquering all societies qualms with technology, or so it seemed.

What We Learned

We learned an important lesson about sharing ideas with the children when it comes to technology.  This generation of children are more acclimated with technology’s capabilities than we give them credit for.  On top of that, they’re not only willing to give ideas but they’re enthusiasm for their ideas is infectious.

Those ideas weren’t baseless either.  Most of the children already owned an iPod or an iPad, or were familiar with working on a laptop or desktop.  The best part of our brainstorm was the bold ideas being put on the table with conviction.

The children weren’t afraid of thinking outside the box when it came to potential applications for existing and future technologies.  Maybe that’s the type of mindset us “grownups” should have when it comes to figuring out a technology solution for our workplace or organization.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

We have an infographic for you today that outlines the 6 Emerging Technologies in Education we found on eLearning Infographics while researching content for the blog.  We simply couldn’t pass this one up. Hope you enjoy!

Emerging Technology in Education

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