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Factors driving BYOD

There are dozens of factors driving BYOD.  The expansion of BYOD is dependent on factors such as industry vertical, demographics of the workforce and internal workplace IT variables and capabilities. That’s what is so fascinating about BYOD as a trend.  There isn’t one main overarching principle that will guide any one company to definitive BYOD success.

The consumerization of information technology is arguably the most important factor for BYOD expansion all across the country.  In essence, consumers (a.k.a. employees in the workforce) have so much computing power with their smartphones, they’re capable of accomplishing almost every task they’re assigned from the palm of their hand instead of from a desktop computer sitting on their desk.

This newfound capability is causing ripples throughout the business world.  Employees who have smartphones are able to work from anywhere and everywhere.  Organizations are scrambling to figure out what to do next.

We came across an interesting infographic regarding the Consumerization of information Technology on  You might be thinking, “this doesn’t specifically cover the BYOD trend” and you’d be absolutely correct.  However, BYOD is a tough trend to pin down to one factor specifically as aforementioned.   This source provides a brief history and statistical analysis of the consumerization of IT.

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Dakota K
Dakota K
31 juil. 2022

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