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DES provides Election Day support

Bob Dagostino, standing, with attorneys at One Oxford Centre.

PITTSBURGH — Dagostino Electronic Services proudly provides equipment and support services for voting day every election year.

This year, we sent a team down to build a temporary communication command center at One Oxford Centre. Political attorneys staffed 10 Alcatel-Lucent IP touch 4038 phones, answering calls related to any issues at polling centers.

The phones were plugged into a remote access point, powered by an Alcatel-Lucent OAW-4604, at the headquarters to create a secure VPN tunnel back to the DES offices.

Phone status being monitored by DES’ support team.

Dagostino’s support team monitored the automatic call distribution center during the day, keeping an eye on the status of the attorneys’ phones.

The command center provided support for the majority of Pennsylvania, excluding Philadelphia.

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