Caught On Camera: How security cameras can aid law enforcement

The FBI produced this video back in 2010 about the impact Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), when used correctly, could have on an important investigation.

“Convenience stores, banks, mom and pop operations, gas stations—potentially tens of thousands of businesses could enhance their security systems with the simple tips provided by this video,” said Katrina Gossman, unit chief for the Forensic Audio, Video, and Image Analysis Unit. Buying expensive new equipment isn’t necessary. In most cases, a few changes to existing systems can make a significant difference.”

“Often the surveillance images we receive from these types of security cameras are of poor quality, and they don’t need to be,” she said, explaining that such images can be critical in identifying and apprehending a terrorist or fugitive.

“Caught on Camera shows how to avoid common problems such as installing cameras in the wrong places, ignoring lighting and line-of-sight issues, and having administrators who don’t understand how the systems operate. “Many business owners think their systems are fine until something happens,” Gossman said.


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