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10 reasons to switch to IP-based video

Axis Communications looks at 10 key motivators for switching from analog to IP-based cameras:

1. High resolution IP-based cameras are not restricted to the low resolution of analog cameras. With a 5-megapixel IP camera, you get ten times more detail in your images than with an analog 4CIF.

2. Easy to install IP cameras connect easily into your existing data network. One cable per camera provides power, video and data, making it easy to install with minimum effort.

3. Truly digital Unlike an analog video feed, the image from an IP camera will not degrade in quality when transported long distances or when converted between different formats. One IP camera can provide many

4. Camera intelligence IP cameras can do a lot more than just produce a video feed. Built-in intelligence enables cameras to perform a number of tasks to reduce pressure on operators, deliver vital business data and increase surveillance efficiency.

5. Fully integrated An IP camera integrates power, video, audio, PTZ control and I/O in a single cable. That means cost savings, increased functionality and vast integration potential.

6. Built-in security IP cameras offer encryption of the video feed as well as multilevel user access control. This means you can control exactly who can see what in your system, and your video is safe from any form of third-party manipulation.

7. Crystal-clear motion With an IP camera there are no interlacing problems. Using progressive scan, the entire image is captured each time, with superior image quality as a result.

8. Easy to scale IP-based camera surveillance is easy to extend when the need arises. The cabling demands are far less complex than those for an analog system, and with a foundation of open standards you are not locked in to proprietary technology.

9. Lower total cost The total cost of ownership is lower for an IP-based system compared to an analog one. Even though analog cameras are less expensive to buy, the accompanying labor costs and expensive DVR equipment tip the scales in favor of IP cameras.

10. New possibilities With an all IP-based surveillance system, you can grow with future challenges and opportunities. Open standards and a plugin architecture mean that your cameras can adapt to the latest technology.

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