The foundation of your business operations is your network. We understand networks and their applications. We  analyse your business requirements and optimize the placement of routers, switches and access points to maximize reliability and productivity.  We set up your IT infrastructure so that your IT department is fully equipped to monitor and control  your network.

Network Infrastructure Solutions

Channel Connectivity to Your Operations

Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is the core of your connectivity and productivity. We analyze your building design and optimize the network hardware.

  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Hardware
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Network Segmentation

Wireless Infrastructure

As work spaces become more fluid, strong and steady Wi-Fi access is critical. We determine the device density and usage for each access zone and optimize the placement and design of Wi-Fi access points.

  • Environmental analysis
  • Placement & design of Wi-Fi access points
  • Secure Wi-Fi access
  • Guest management

Access & Security

We integrate a consistent security fabric across multiple devices and network zones. A unified dashboard allows your IT department to control user access to your wired and wireless network. Fully customizable, the access software can be programmed with specific rules and integrations.

  • Authorization
  • Authentication
  • Accounting
  • Device Profiling
  • Secure IoT Access
  • Network Segmentation Management

Network Monitoring & Reporting

Maximize control of your network with a suite of monitoring and reporting tools. We configure the software and educate your IT team with its capabilities. In addition, we offer support packages for continued IT support.


Case Studies

  • Heinz Field Wi-Fi designed with Steelers' fan top of mind

    Pittsburgh Steelers fans will have access to free Wi-Fi at Heinz Field this season. Dagostino Electronic Services installed the highly robust and reliable wireless solution.

  • Dagostino Electronic Services brings 'best in class' Wi-Fi to West Liberty University

    West Liberty University's "robust and powerful" network is getting rave reviews by students, faculty, staff and alumni alike.

  • DES delivers connectivity, communications to KDL's new Pittsburgh headquarters

    DES installed everything from cabling and network infrastructure to a security, phone and wireless system and multimedia and conferencing solutions at supply chain management company KDL's new headquarters south of Pittsburgh.


Solutions from our Toolkit

Complete Data Management on-Prem or Cloud


Networks are complex systems. A robust management platform helps you understand and control that complexity. Omnivista 2500 from Alcatel Lucent is a full-featured system, providing you with visibility and control over every aspect of your Alcatel Lucent network. Features include:

  • Configure your network and wireless infrastructure

  • Control authentication, authorization and user tracking

  • Tailor the interface to feature your most-used or critical management functions

  • Generate detailed reports and CIO-oriented graphics for network analytics and other KPIs.

Omnivista Cirrus is Alcatel's cloud-based and contract-based network management platform. Pay as you go, and access all the features of an on-prem management system.

Focus Areas


Networks News

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    People counter? Check. Thermal screening? Check. Secure VPN access? Check. Touchless Conferencing Activation? Check. We are your one-stop shop for business continuity. Check out our solution infographic.

  • STEM Students Use School Lab Software Virtually

    The computer lab is loaded with heavy software. The students are home with iPads. A network solution that provides seamless and systematic access to the school lab.

  • Workplace Safety: Three Ways to Use Technology for Contact Tracing

    A primer on contact tracing solutions. Learn how to leverage your technology infrastructure for employee safety while paving the way for smart building automation.

  • Plan Your COVID-19 Re-Entry

    Tools for Business Continuity: A Look Inside Our Solution Toolbox

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