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State and Local Government


A reliable and equitable network is at the heart of public life. DES partners with counties across Western PA to  transform their digital backbone. Public safety, consistent lines-of-communication, and universal network access create safe and profitable spaces for residents to live, work and play. DES is an approved government contractor with the System for Award Management (SAM) and with COSTARS.

News & Case Studies

“We knew we needed a partner with experience providing outdoor Wi-Fi. Once we dug into the details, we were convinced that DES had the expertise and bandwidth to get the job done.”

Improve engagement with

Accessible Communication


Provide a connected citizen experience online, by phone, in-person and remote. 

  • Live-streamed public meetings

  • Intelligent call centers

  • Responsive virtual assistants

  • Courtroom technology

  • Secure voice solutions for public officials

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Bridge the Digital Divide

Universal Broadband Access


Connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity. We design and deploy public Wi-Fi and last-mile broadband in parks, urban centers and rural districts. 

  • Partnership with carriers to deliver last-mile broadband 

  • High-speed and fiber optic cabling 

  • Mobile hotspots

  • 5G and wireless technology

  • Broadband radio

Smart Technology 

Smart Cities


Build an IoT network and create safe spaces for travel and play. Connected cameras, connected street lights, connected transportation.

  • Advanced surveillance in parks & public spaces

  • Traffic regulation

  • Intelligent street lighting

  • Smart parking

  • Shot detection & real-time incident alerts

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Command & Control

Crisis Situation Rooms 


In a crisis situation, visibility is key. We configure display systems in the situation room to ensure instant flexibility and viewing power.

  • Programmable graphic interface with all your inputs

  • Connect surveillance footage, operational dashboards and news feeds to the overhead displays.

  • Customize the displays to zoom into streams  

Futureproof the Network

Digital Transformation


Upgrade the IT backbone behind systems and buildings to ensure seamless operations and communication. 

  • Network infrastructure design

  • Collaboration & conferencing solutions

  • Cybersecurity solutions 

  • Cloud migration

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Tools from our Partners

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Redundancy and diversity for critical connectivity

When a network outage is not an option, we select from our multitude of national and regional partnerships - including Verizon, Comcast, Crown Castle, DQE Communications and others - to provide highly competitive rates for failproof connectivity. ​

Capture and manage large volumes of spoken information

Capture every word, tonal variation, gesture, facial expression, and movement in broadcast-quality video and studio-quality digital audio. Easily consolidate your content and attach comments, statements, or related digital evidence. Integrate deeply with leading external case and evidence management systems.

SD-WAN delivers secure bandwidth to the edge

SD-WAN is a software-defined wide-area network architecture that optimizes your bandwidth and draws in connectivity closer to the edge.  Fortinet's line of SD-WAN solutions are equipped with Fortinet's signature attention to security and integrates with Fortinet's vast array of network management solutions.

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