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Every Security Event on a Single Platform


Unification eliminates the messiness of real-time security. Gain complete visibility and control over separate security systems. Genetec's unified platform is scalable and infinitely customizable. See why businesses, institutions and cities prefer Genetec for security operations.

The Power of Unification

At its core, unified security is when all of your security technologies work together as one unit. This allows Genetec to operate with the big picture in mind. 

When time is critical, all your assets should work together in unison. Seamlessly monitor your access control, video surveillance, license plate recognition, and security policies in one place.


Genetec Security Center
Everything in one place.

Security Center is the single application that unifies all your security systems. Move away from the traditional approach of having multiple windows open and take advantage of a single user interface that displays all possible physical security functions.

One platform. One timeline. One active directory. One management system. One source of truth.

Unified Security Your Way
Choose on-prem, hybrid or cloud

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Genetec can do so much!

Check out these use cases

Dynamic Map-Based Visualization

Quickly see what’s happening across your facilities. Track events in real-time and operate nearby devices with a single click.

Seamless Alarm Verification

Find relevant video footage instantly.  You can review events in context and cross-reference information without changing tools.

Effective Response Coordination

In fast-moving situations, built-in communication tools keep your team in sync, from detection to resolution.

Manage Permissions Holistically

Integrate with active directory to simplify management of rules and permissions. Workforce changes get updated in the entire system.

Upload, Share and Review Investigations

Digital evidence management helps you organize evidence and case files. It reduces reliance on copying information to DVDs and shared drives.

Cloud-based, Solar-powered ALPR

Off the grid? Not a problem. Capture vehicle data wherever the cars are. Let solar, cellular and cloud take care of the rest. 


Building IoT 

Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices are all around us, constantly collecting information about what’s happening.

The data from smart devices and sensors can be an enormous asset in providing your operators with context about your security.  With the Industrial IoT integration, the information collected from your connected devices is presented naturally within the unified platform your operators are familiar with. With Industrial IoT, you can leverage the data at your fingertips to automate your facility operations and reduce reaction times.

  • Connect virtually any smart device or sensor to your security system through supported network protocols.

  • Take advantage of new inputs to trigger events and focus your operator’s attention where it is required.

  • Correlate information with security events to get a complete picture of your facilities.

  • Allow your system to raise events, trigger alarms, change states and even write to data points automatically based on conditions.

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