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From elementary through college and beyond, a solid education is grounded in technology. The 21st century classroom has interactive multimedia powered by the most advanced networks. And while our children and young adults get their headstart to their lives, an online & offline security fabric keeps them safe. We also provide trade union training programs with the newest technology tools for their members' continuing education.

Case Studies

Solutions from our Toolkit

Mass Notification Systems


In a crisis situation, does your emergency preparedness plan ensure that every person on your school campus - children, faculty and visitors - be accessed within seconds? Can one designated person launch a multi-channel emergency communication plan within moments?

A mass notification system (MNS) provides an immediate, unified and precise response to crisis situations. The system is scalable and can integrate with your existing communication channels. The MNS rides on your existing communication channels. Any communication device already connected to your IP network can be deployed for crisis communication. Digital signage, desktop computers, PA systems, cable TV screens... they can each be configured for alerts. You can also augment your network with specialized strobes and beacons for added security. 


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