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Live! Casino Technology Primed for Winning Action

The newly opened Live! Casino in Westmoreland is a showstopper. 
The IT infrastructure is equally elaborate.
Mar 4, 2021

The newly opened Live! Casino in Westmoreland is a showstopper. Over 750 slot machines and 30 table games line the casino floor; a dedicated FanDuel room plays livestream action for real-time betting; a four-lane bowling alley, ski-ball area, and a banquet room provides further entertainment. Hungry? Multiple bar areas, including food service by award-winning chef Guy Fieri, are primed to suit your palette.

The network behind this 100,000 sq. ft. space of electrifying power is extraordinarily complex. DES was contracted to install the structured cabling and the Wi-Fi network. There is connectivity within every square foot of the casino. Here is a glimpse into the cabling infrastructure.

First and foremost, the slot machines and table games: Each game has two separate networks that relays data to the casino itself and to the PA Gambling Control Board. Scoreboards, powered through Cat 6 cabling, create an interactive player experience for the bowling alley and ski-ball area. The FanDuel room is bandwidth-intensive due to its 8 livestream displays. DES installed 192 strands of single-mode fiber to support the streaming application. Fiber optics are also the backbone of the networked sound system since it can transmit sound across 600 ft. with virtually zero latency.

Patrons at the casino can order menu items directly from tabletop iPads. Within a short while, they receive their delicious fare. This efficiency is made possible through a grid of 125 Bluetooth antennas located across the ceiling of the casino. When an order is placed, the patron’s location is relayed to Guy Fieri’s kitchen where food fulfillment is optimized according to order time and order location. For guests seated in the outdoor bar, a beer cart with point-of-sale connectivity, is well-stocked with beverages.

The connected experience begins as the patron pull into the valet parking lot. The valet attendant inputs the patron’s vehicle details onto an outdoor computer station while the indoor concierge has access to the details.

Security is uncompromising. Surveillance cabling connect 800 cameras to a centralized management system. Every door has a networked locking mechanism that can be controlled remotely. People counters, movement sensors and panic buttons are all part of the surveillance network.

Now, step back and visualize the amount of cabling and complexity that makes this high-powered casino a live reality! DES was contracted through Clista Electric on this project. Mascaro Construction was the general contractor.

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