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Dagostino Electronic Services helps Cresco Yeltrah become Pennsylvania's first medical cannabis grower

DES customer Cresco Yeltah became the first in the state to receive approval to begin growing medical marijuana at its facility in Brookville.
Oct 18, 2017

BROOKVILLE, Pa. — Dagostino Electronic Services (DES) customer Cresco Yeltrah received approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Health this week to begin growing cannabis marijuana at its facility in Jefferson County.

Cresco Yeltrah’s medical marijuana facility is located in Brookville, Pennsylvania.

They are the first licensed grower-processor in Pennsylvania’ new medical marijuana program to be deemed fully operational.

DES installed the security and surveillance system at the Jefferson County Grower/Processor Facility in Brookville, approximately two hours northeast of Pittsburgh, in addition to the infrastructure for the phone and computer network.

In a statement Tuesday, Trent Hartley of Cresco Yeltrah told DES, “We got approval and we will have plants here by Thursday. [The department of health was] thoroughly impressed with the security system! Thank you!”

“We’re so excited,” the company wrote on Facebook.


DES is dedicated to helping growers and processors like Cresco Yeltrah comply with Pennsylvania state regulations as they enter the medical cannabis industry.

DES personnel are proficient in the statutes set forth by the state and fully understand the mandated requirements as it pertains to visitor access and electronic surveillance at these facilities.

DES assisted Cresco Yeltrah from the beginning, helping them with their narrative regarding visitor management and security when they applied for a permit with the state.

During design and installation, DES made sure Cresco Yeltrah was compliant with the rigid requirements regarding security camera locations and camera types, among many others.

Going forward, DES will continue to work with Cresco Yeltrah to ensure all systems remain in good working order as regular inspections are another stipulation set forth by the health department.

Cresco Yeltrah’s facility is located on a 12-acre site that includes at 46,000 square foot building that previously housed St. Mary’s Carbon Company, which closed four years ago.

Cresco Yeltrah told the Associated Press it will grow a variety of over 30 genetic strains, producing an array of pharmaceutical-grade marijuana products including vapor oils, transdermal patches and pills.

A full grow cycle takes approximately 120 days, during which the company said it will wrap up construction at the facility.

Cresco Yeltrah expects the complete line of its products to be available for patients statewide in February.

To obtain medical cannabis, patients must be under a physician’s care for one of 17 serious medical conditions and apply for a state-issued medical marijuana ID card.

Cresco Yeltrah has a wealth of resources for participants of the program on its website,, including frequently asked questions about their services.

You can also read more about the state’s medical marijuana program on the health department’s website:

The department of health expects 11 other licensed grower-processors to be operational in the coming weeks. It issued the permits in June, selecting the 12 winners from among 177 applicants. The department has also issued permits to 27 entities to operate retail dispensaries, including three to be operated by Cresco Yeltrah.

*The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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