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Touchless Activation: Screen Sharing at a Social Distance

Repurpose public signage into safe and collaborative workspaces. Airmedia touchless activation gets people together around a workflow while ensuring the safety of physical distancing.
Jul 20, 2020

Collaborative workspaces just got safer with Crestron’s new occupancy sensor integration for AirMedia. The AirMedia system is a BYOD wireless presentation gateway. Participants bring their laptops to a conference room or huddle space, sync their device to the display screen and start sharing. Until now, the operation involved physically touching and activating the display system. The user had to turn on the conference room display screen and then log on to their personal device and sync the two. Not anymore.

The Power over Ethernet occupancy sensor is mounted on to the ceiling above the display screen. When a person enters the field of vision, the Crestron system immediately activates, making it ready for synchronization with AirMedia from your personal device.  The sensor can be configured to only activate during office hours to avoid unintended operation. It can also be paired to activate other multimedia devices such as projectors or touchscreens.

AirMedia can conveniently turn communal spaces into collaborative workspaces. If you have digital signage hanging in your cafeteria, lobby or lounge, then AirMedia gives you the capability of introducing screen sharing and digital collaboration. As campuses and offices navigate their re-opening strategy and seek to repurpose communal spaces, the touchless activation is one way to get people together while ensuring the safety of physical distancing.

Learn more about AV touchless solutions and hybrid workspaces

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