OpenTouch™ Business Edition targets enterprises with up to 1500 users and delivers an unprecedented level of openness (SIP, applications, platforms). It is the new generation of the Alcatel-Lucent Business integrated Communication Solution (BiCS), enriched with Genesys SIP server technology and a native multimedia conferencing engine.

It delivers advanced communications that help you interconnect your network, people, processes and knowledge for cost control. It’s also cost-optimized to keep expenditures under control as you position yourself for future expansion.  Enterprises are able to enrich the end user experience and satisfaction, improve internal communication and employee productivity, and engage potential customers with targeted information.

OpenTouch™ Multimedia Services combines native multi-party conferencing, multi-device support and multimedia into a suite of applications that can be managed under a single environment.  It provides easy-to-use, end-to-end management and enables organizations to deploy a fully integrated solution to support an individual service or multiple services for a customized mix of content relevant to their business.

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