Digital Signage is used to present constantly changing computer generated full motion video, photo-realistic graphics, text and animation – usually on a plasma or LCD. It is a dynamic venue as opposed to static billboards and posters. Dynamic content intrigues the visitor’ eye and commands their attention. Content can be changed instantaneously, eliminating wait periods (and costs) for print signs. Additionally, content at multiple locations around the world can be updated via one remote authoring system.  Post lunch menus, welcome your clients with a message, watch CNN, scroll stock quotes, announce special pricing, or turn your digital signage into a profit center by selling advertising time to local businesses or suppliers.


DES can create a top of the line digital signage experience with full customization options in the following categories:

  • Pull real time traffic and weather information.
  • Change your message whenever you want and distribute that message to one hundred different people in one location or one hundred different locations.
  • Schedule your time slots down to the minute giving you the flexibility to make sure you get the correct message across when you want it heard.
  • MetaData allows you to play certain messages in certain places only under certain conditions
  • State of the art templates and design options allowing for the most unique and integrated message options available.