Dagostino Electronic Services and Alcatel-Lucent have worked together to provide many Wired LAN solutions for numerous commerce applications. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch Family of Ethernet switches can address all solutions from residential to enterprise. This wide range of solution coverage combined with the service and support from DES equals an apex solution!

Please feel free to browse the products offered by Alcatel-Lucent to see how they meet your business needs.



OmniSwitch Modular LAN Chassis

OmniSwitch 9000

OmniSwitch 9000E

OmniSwitch 10K




OmniSwitch Stackable Switches

OmniSwitch 6250

OmniSwitch 6400

OmniSwitch 6450

OmniSwitch 6450-10

OmniSwitch 6450-P10

OmniSwitch 6850

OmniSwitch 6850E

OmniSwitch 6855

OmniSwitch 6900


Network Management Software

OmniVista 2500